How do you feed the machine of your creativity?


The team tackles their individual challenges to consume content to inspire them. We also talk about what we avoid. Are you similar? 

October 2, 2020

E 29 - Master of Panic

We're tackling that gap between comfort and success. 


What happens when we leave our comfort zone? How can we manifest opportunities and push our projects to the next level? The team identifies how to embrace that discomfort and get to that next level. 

September 18, 2020

E 28 - Cannibal Island

With the team spending so much time working remotely, what discoveries have we made? 


We dive into fears, bad habits, and a deeper understanding of who we are. Have you found out the same things about yourself? 

September 2, 2020

E 27 - Happy Hot Hot

With a huge focus on work revolving around maintaining passion - how can you do it? 


The team tackles how to define passion, and then how they create space to cultivate their excitement for projects. 

August 21, 2020

E 26 - Slow Steady Hand

How does a personal brand drive your success? 


Derick and Mark get candid and share their journey working with clients and managing Blue Blazes. Expanding on that the team explores how charismatic brands invite others in and they share. 

August 7, 2020

E 25 - Shut Down Sequence

We're exploring all the warning labels that should accompany the creative life. 


So what are the hidden pitfalls? What dangers await those living a creative life? Dive in and tackle this issues with us. 

July 24, 2020

E 24 - Grace Ooze

From extra body parts to reflecting on our need to extend grace, the team is at it again. 

Entitlement culture. Is this a new thing? How do we view this as a challenge to conquer this within ourselves? How does this need affect how with our internal dialogue? 

July 10, 2020

E 23 - 50% Mar(c/k)

Whew. It's been a while and the Outpost has recorded a new podcast.

As the team brushes off the rust of not recording in a while, they tackle their self-care and the importance of working with pain to frame their creativity.

April 17, 2020

E 22 - Time Slaves

What’s the morality of time travel? 

Are we wise enough to wield time travel responsibly? We had a lot of fun delving into the perils of traveling through space and time. Tune in as we dive into our favorite tales of time travel and the important lessons this genre teaches.

April 3, 2020

E 21 - Thick Skin

What's the importance of having a thick skin? 

Marc, Lacey, Derick, Mark “Daffirmation” Daffron lightly chatting about psycho-savage driving, our passions, and the importance of developing a thick skin.

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