The mailbag opens up the most detailed dive yet into the mechanics and experience of the upcoming cosmic survival game: Unsettled. Then Lacey makes things all weird by asking the fam to explore their perceptions of themselves. 

September 20, 2019

E 14 - The Creative Process

What is the creative process? Can it be defined? Should it be defined? HAVE WE GONE TOO FAR!!? 

August 9, 2019

E 13 - The Winding Rail

Career Path Analysis! How the heck did we get to this place doing these things alongside all these other....super normal people? 

The O-Neb Fam smile as they welcome a new member and then laughing maniacally  as they throw her into the deep end with a truly weird discussion about obsessions and fascinations. References to complicated orifices and drug-loving shrimp abound!

Also, new microphones. Expect fancy sound effects.

June 18, 2019

E 11 - Nugget Fog

Welcome to the Barn! The Outpost Podcast moves to the Orange Nebula offices and complications arise. F16s interrupt after we mock Marc for suggesting they might, new recording equipment demonstrates its quirkiness, there are all sorts of chicken nugget issues happening off-mic... just go with it!

A brief dive into the mail bag gives way to a discussion about leadership and management in the realm of creative professionals. At least for a while. Until the nugget fog takes us.


What comes first: theme or mechanics? Yeaaaaa neither

Join the O-Neb Fam for the very last episode to be recorded in The Barn; rife with animal noises, chats about misconceptions, multiple panic attacks we feel were decently well edited out, and a long dissection of one of gamings most frequent (and most short sighted) conversations.

It's a monumental moment for The Outpost - all future episodes will be recorded in the brand new Orange Nebula offices which we have named ... The Barn.

The Barn is dead, long live The Barn.  

After a few minutes of industry chat the Outpost gang kick back for a leisurely dive into the mailbag (extra premium, reinforced zipped, faux ostrich leather). These community driven episodes are...full of variety.

If you want to get your question into the bag for the next round join the Outpost Community on Facebook or message Orange Nebula on any of their social channels!

What scares us? We bravely plunge the depths of our psyches to find out - but only after a deep dive on our bizarre new space game!

The O-Neb Fam find themselves triggered by some conflicting mailbag questions, discover a zipper, detail some defiling solo mode(s), and work through some work/life balance issues.

Most podcasts don't continue past their 7th episode, making this either a swan song, or the last chance to get on board before we become one of the most successful podcasts of ALL. TIME. 

Father Merch and the O-Neb fam return to the barn to talk about high caliber merch - What is it? Why does it matter? - as well as where we go for inspiration and ask ourselves, "is four bodies just too many bodies?"

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